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Raman data acquisition software


  • Spectral acquisition software for Andor CCDs (IVAC and IDUS)

  • Multi-track setting for multiple probes measurement

  • Each track has its own calibration data

  • Raman shift or Wavelength calibration

  • Several calibration algorithms available

  • Simultaneously acquire and record spectra from multiple probes (6 channels maximum)

  • Background subtraction

  • Single or live (continuous) data acquisition

  • Spectral averaging and median filtering

  • Automatic periodic acquisition to monitor and record spectra over a time period with customizable exposure and delay times to tune data acquisition to user's requirements

  • Spectral display

Raman chemometrics software


  • Chemometric analysis and process monitoring plug-in that allows the integration of SpectraSoft with MATLAB (MathWorks, Inc.) or the Solo Predictor Engine (Eigenvector Research, Inc.

  • Plug-in makes it possible to rapidly analyze spectra and perform predictions on chemical quantities such as concentration

  •  Scriptable engine, so operators can custom-tune their analyses for their specific use cases

  • Simultaneous application of multiple models provides an opportunity to analyze spectra for many factors at once

  • Graphical and numerical displays of modeling results provide intuitive and informative human-readable views into the acquired data, making it possible for non-experts to interpret and work with results

  • Ability to track and display quality measures enables immediate evaluation of the reliability and predictive power of each analysis

  • Tunable limits on analysis results can be established to alert the operator of anomalous or undesirable behavior during process or reaction monitoring applications

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