Portable Raman instrument
Picture of a dual port Raman instrument
Picture of a Raman microscope
Photographs of Raman probes.
Photograph of a Raman spectrograph and Raman spectrometer

Spectra Solutions Inc. (SSI) is a manufacturer of spectroscopic analytical instruments and fiber optic Raman probes.  Our commercial line of products include spectroscopic fiber optic probes, spectrographs and instruments for Raman measurement and process monitoring applications.  We offer several fiber optic Raman probes for analytical, quality control and process monitoring applications.  Our RAman Monitoring System (RAMS) process instruments are unique in that they have the capability to monitor up to 6 probes simultaneously.  We offer multiple spectroscopic accessories such as Raman microscope with CMOS video camera, flow cells for process applications, fiber optic cables, and multi-port fiber optic feed through flanges.  We also work with clients with custom needs to develop custom spectroscopic instruments and fiber optic probes to meet each specific application. 


Our research collaboration with a US Department of Energy national laboratory puts us at the forefront in applying Raman spectroscopic analysis to nuclear materials. Using our RAMS instruments and Raman probes, process analysis of nuclear fuel reprocessing has been developed with the capability of monitoring multiple points in the process stream. Chemometric models  integrated with our SpectraChem plug-in chemometrics software have been developed for this process. Ongoing research applies Raman and absorption analysis to the microfluidic domain for application in nuclear fuel analysis and process modeling.

Last Updated: April, 2020