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Our Products

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Raman Probes

Our Raman probes employ backscattering optical design that utilizes high throughput miniature optical components. We offer general purpose laboratory, immersion and process probes with removable focusing lens barrel.


Our Raman spectrographs employs high throughput volume phase holographic (VPH) grating and deep cooling, 2-dimensional CCD detector. F2 optics are utilized to better match the optical fiber input to the spectrograph. 

Raman spectrograph
Process Raman instrument

Raman Systems

Our Raman instruments incorporate our VPH grating spectrograph, wavelength stabilized lasers, electronics and software to control the operation of Raman measurements. We offer portable and rackmount Raman instruments that are available in multiple channel operation.


Our Raman spectrographs and instruments can be controlled with our SpectraSoft data acquisition software. SpectraSoft has several acquisition modes. Our software SpectraChem is a chemometric analysis and process monitoring plug-in to SpectraSoft that allows the integration of SpectraSoft with MATLAB or Solo Predictor Engine.

Raman instructrument data acqusiition software
raman microscope.jpg


Our fiber optic coupled microscopes can be used with our spectrographs and Raman instruments or any other Raman instruments that have optical fiber input. Single channel and dual laser excitation microscopes are available. The dual laser microscope allows the simultaneous Raman measurement of the same sample spot at 2 laser wavelengths.

Raman Dual Wavelength Laser


Our lasers have narrow linewidth that is ideal for Raman measurements. Lasers are available at 532 nm and 785 nm wavelengths. The 532 nm laser is a diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser and the 785 nm laser is wavelength stabilized laser.

Raman probe sample holder, flow cell and focusing lens barrels


A variety of accessories are available for our Raman instruments and probes. This includes probe sample holder, focusing lens barrel (wide variety of materials, lengths and focal lengths), Raman microscope, optical fiber cables, and flow cells.

Computer cotrolled Raman fiber optic polarization probe


We offer custom design of fiber optic probes (Raman, absorption, fluorescence and reflectance) that fits your applications. Custom probe interface for vacuum and high pressure environments and computer controlled Raman polarization probe have been designed for clients.

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