Picture of a Raman microscope

Raman Microscope

  • Integrated fiber optic Raman probe (Raman instrument with fiber optic coupling required)

  • CMOS digital video camera

  • 4X, 10X and 20X DIN Achromatic Objectives

  • 3D two-layer mechanical stage with coaxial coarse and fine focusing

  • Sturdy all-metal frame with LED illumination

Microscope image and Raman spectrum of sulfur crystal

Sulfur crystal image and Raman spectrum, 20X objective

laser spot size of a Raman microscope

USAF 1951 Chart (Group 5, Element 6 – 8.77 microns line spacing), 20X objective 

Immersion Lens Tube

  • Fused silica or sapphire window

  • Kalrez O-ring compression seal

  • 6000 psi pressure rating

  • 325 ⁰C temperature rating

Focusing Lens Barrel

  • 3/8" diameter 316 Stainless steel tube

  • Fused silica plano convex lens

Single Optical Fiber with Reinforced Polymer Cable 
Single Optical Fiber with Stainless Steel Armor Cable
Bifurcated Optical Fiber Cables - Single stainless steel armor cable construction and split at both ends into individual cables (3 inches and 1 meter split lengths)

Last Updated: April, 2020

Magnified image and Raman spectrum of sulfur